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The Good Folks Co. is a partnership between two designers, Alana and Colin, established north of the Mason Dixon and now spans 1,120 miles from the Southwest to the Midwest.

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Where is home for you both?

C: Currently Chicago, IL
A: Home is a warm fire and a cloudless night sky. But also Austin, TX.

What is your definition of a successful life?

C: Making cool things for cool people until you can’t make anything anymore.
A: I would agree with Colin. No matter what the “things” are – a good meal, a painting, or perfectly treated shapes.


Describe your perfect day.

C: It would be cold. There would be a campfire. I would have coffee.
A: Waking up well rested. Completing all my goals for the day. Celebrating the small things with a good beer and good friends.

Why did you get into design?

C: I’ve always played in bands and when I was younger I got my hands on a copy of Illustrator 7. After that I  jumped at every chance to make fliers, sleeves, shirts, and stickers for my friends - it all ended up looking like Rancid record covers. Then I realized I could mess around in Illustrator for a living, so I went to art school.
A: The first thing I ever designed was for my boyfriend’s band that had a two-headed eagle and some latin in blackletter. That was 14 years ago and I’m still doing the same things today.

Where do you find inspiration?

C: It could be anything from a lyric, something I read on Wikipedia, a tiny illustration in an old book, and mostly luck.
A: Antique stores, old coins, old signs. There is an old book called “The Lost Language of Symbolism” that is full of good material.

Dream design project?

C&A: Fireworks packaging.

Which designers or thinkers continue to influence you?

C: Recently I have been really obsessing over Dusty Dirtweed.
A: Denton Watts, Will Bryant, and Daniel Romano.

C&A: Forever and always Alvin Diec and Travis Ekmark of Family Bros.

What was the inspiration behind this design?

C&A: We were given the theme of “Intention.” In addition we are both influenced heavily by music, and believe in having a positive mental attitude. So it really made sense to make a piece inspired by the Gorilla Biscuits.


At the moment what is your favorite…


C: Pantone 871
A: The color of a perfectly poured Kölsch


C: Sweet potato fries
A: I haven’t had it yet, but I know it’s my favorite. Pho poutine fries from Soursop.
C&A: So fries.


C: “Winter Wheat” - John K. Samson
A: “Sleep In The Heat” - Pup


C&A: “There are lines on my face that don’t come from smiling” - Daniel Romano


Get your Intention: Start Today Kit including our 2017 Intention Guide and 2017 Intention Print by Alana and Colin here

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