When you are working, do you look at other entrepreneurs as competition? Do you look at their services or strategies to get ideas and feel like you have to “get ahead of them”? Or that you have to “be better than them”?

Yes, competition can be good, but when you feel like you are always in competition with everyone, it is not always good and can really hurt your brand.

It may say that you believe your way is the only way or the best way. Competitors are functioning because people see what they are doing, and like it. There are always other ways to look at a problem and there can be many outcomes. Each entrepreneur has their own way of looking at the solution to the problem and you might want to see what they’re doing because they might just be answering a niche you never thought of.

"Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you." - Walter Winchell

So are you feeling a little intimidated, or even jealous, because they are experiencing something that you personally want? Believe me, I get it. Most people do. But being aware of it can help you, because most of the competition is internal. A little bit of self-focus and insecurity can occur because we are comparing ourselves to others. This can lead you to focus too much on others instead of growing yourself and your own business. So stop. Know that when you feel jealous for someone else’s win, that it’s okay; but do not get hung up on it. Once you realize that feeling, figure out how to get past it.

If you can’t get past the jealousy, then you begin working “for” the competitor instead of your client. Yes, let me repeat that, you are working for the competitor. Instead of getting caught up on what “they” are doing, focus on what your clients need. Your clients came to you for the help, so you must be doing something right. You can learn from what you may see in them, once you begin asking yourself why you are having those feelings. Once you can get past that initial jealously, it will help you to believe in your own process even more. 

When you get past the idea that you have to compete with everyone, this opens you up to help others celebrate what they are doing as well as sharing when you win.

All entrepreneurs are doing something right, or they wouldn’t have a job. Working with others, instead of against others, can help you build relationships. These relationships can, and many times do, turn into larger projects that include people you would never think you would work with.


Dannie Fountain-Jagodzinski is a marketing and PR strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Her main goal is to lift a weight off your shoulders by creating customized, rock solid business strategies that add value to your clients' lives, build your reputation, and make you money.

This post was originally published on Dannie's blog.

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