Dear Self,

let me be hurt
so I want to feel better
let me be quiet
so I gather my words
let me be broken
so I find all the pieces
let me be scared
so I uncover the monster
let me be angry
so I don’t become numb
let me be lost
so I ask for directions
let me be slow
so I know where to go
let me be dark
so I keep looking for light
let me be weak
so I find ways to be strong
let me be less
so I feel there is more
let me be bold
so I find a new path
let me be calm
so I see through the fog
let me be humble
so I know where I’m from
let me be strong
so I don’t stop when it’s hard
let me be still
so I know where you are
let me be here
so I can return



Amy Fukuizumi is a freelance writer and creative spirit, finding her voice and sharing pieces of her story. She loves cheese, cows, gray squirrels, green beauty and feeling connected. She is crafting a life that lets her be magic every day.

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