I was thinking recently about tension.

First, the literal concept of tension — how a rope gets tense when it’s pulled in opposite directions. The greater the distance or force between the two ends, the tighter the rope gets.

Then, I started thinking about the tension in my life — the stress of feeling pushed and pulled by what is and what could be. I realized that the tensions are similar.

If I am stressed about something, it’s usually because there’s a gap between my desired state and my reality. The further the distance between those two states, the less tranquil I feel. Instead, I feel stressed, twisted, and wound up.

But similar to rope, there is no tension if the force from one side stops. So if I can acknowledge a wishful thought and recognize the desire in it, I can see that thought for what it is without being overtaken by it. I can let go of the “desire” side of my internal rope and be at peace with my reality.

Releasing one end of the rope doesn’t mean we give up. But rather, we acknowledge the desire without letting it pull, or consume us. We can still strive for what could be, while being at peace with what is.

Perhaps when we let go, our desired state will stop pulling away.

Perhaps without feeling the need to pull away, it may even float in our direction.

To letting go (but not giving up),

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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