You have probably heard of Déjà vu — the feeling that you have experienced the current moment before, but what about the opposite?

The concept Vuja De, originally coined by George Carlin during a comedy routine, caught the attention of author Adam Grant (who you may remember from last week's Reflections email) in his pursuit to  better understand innovation and creativity.

In his book, Originals, Grant says:

“The starting point [of creativity] is curiosity: pondering why the default exists in the first place. We’re driven to question defaults when we experience vuja de, the opposite of déjà vu. Déjà vu occurs when we encounter something new, but it feels as if we’ve seen it before. Vuja de is the reverse—we face something familiar, but we see it with a fresh perspective that enables us to gain new insights into old problems.”

Last week in our Online Member Gathering, as a group we discussed Vuja De and the ways it has helped us. 

One member described becoming aware of their white privilege, while another employed it to improve a relationship with a colleague, and a while back Dave shared his experience of really feeling music he had heard many times before.

Another member observed that while Deja Vu tends to be passive, Vuja De requires you to be proactive and willing to expand your perspective.

When was the last time you experienced Vuja De?

To experience the world with fresh eyes,

Mike Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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