Recently we shared this idea from Brother David Steindl-Rast idea:

“So it is not happiness that makes us grateful. It's gratefulness that makes us happy.” - Brother David Steindl-Rast

In his famous TED Talk,  continues...

“Does that mean that we can be grateful for everything? Certainly not. We cannot be grateful for violence, for war, for oppression, for exploitation.

On the personal level, we cannot be grateful for the loss of a friend, for unfaithfulness, for bereavement.

But I didn't say we can be grateful for everything. I said we can be grateful in every given moment…”

A great distinction.

It is not that we need to be grateful for everything. But every single moment has something that we can give thanks for, if we open ourselves up to it.

Our breath — which reminds us that we have the opportunity to be here and be present — is a perfect example.

Practice gratitude with every breath.


Mike and Dave Radparvar
Co-Founders, Holstee


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