It's incredible how easy it has become to consume. Clothes, food, cars, toys, electronics — they’re always available, delivered direct to our doors sometimes within hours. We are constantly reminded, by media and advertisements, friends and family, how much we “need” these things.

It's hard to take a step back and realize that we are in a system of hyper-consumption. It can be even harder to face the fact that we are often a contributor to it.

The convenience is far too great, the feeling of instant gratification far too strong.

This month's theme of Simplicity reminds us that living with fewer, more meaningful objects is not only better for the planet but also more fulfilling.

In the past we explored ways to declutter your life. But this year we want to focus on the objects in your life that you truly hold dear and that add meaning and depth of your life. The objects that make your life easier, that bring back fond memories, that make you smile.

In this month’s Simplicity Guide, we shared this activity question:

Imagine this scenario: You pull up to your house to see it has caught fire. All people and pets are safe — don’t worry! The firefighters tell you the fire is contained just enough that they can safely run in to save three items.

What three items would you choose?

Extreme hypothetical questions like this can help break our existing mental models and self-limiting beliefs. They remind us how little we need and how resilient we can be when challenged.

So, what three items would you choose?

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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