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Maslow is free and accessible to all Holstee Members! Try it today!

What is Maslow?

Maslow is a text-based chatbot for Holstee Members to easily access all member content, like the monthly Art, Guides, Discussion Questions, Quotes and more quickly and easily from any phone!

By texting Maslow at +1 (917) 336-1101 you can access a range of Holstee Member content right from your mobile phone without installing an app or having to go to website. 

Simply text "Hey" (or anything really!) to Maslow to get started. Maslow will reply with instructions on what you can say from there. 


What can Maslow do?

Maslow can give you access to many of your member features! Here is a list of highlights: 

  • Send you the current month's digital art so you can easily set your mobile wallpaper
  • Send you the new wallpaper on the first of each month 
  • Send you the latest month's guide, if you want to read it on the go
  • Send you a recent guided audio meditation
  • Send you an inspiring quote related to this months theme
  • Send you a question for a quick ice-breaker, conversation starter, or journal prompt

Maslow in action

Maslow Cheatsheet

Here are the keywords Maslow currently understands. We'll be adding more each month.

Maslow will share the menu of keywords you can type. When in doubt type Menu :-).

Art or 1
Maslow will share the current theme's digital art wallpaper for your phone and desktop computer.

Guide or 2
Maslow will share the digital guide for the current theme.

Quote or 3
Maslow will share a quote related to the current theme.

Question or 
Maslow will share a question related to the current theme.

Allows you to edit the name Maslow remembers for you.

Prompts Maslow to confirm whether you'd like to get the Monthly art and inspiring messages sent to you at the start of each month.

Prompts Maslow to clear your information. You can start again by just saying 'hi'.


New Features!

Maslow is now available to use on Slack! It is fully functioning and ready for you use, but please beta.  So, whether you are outside the US or prefer this over text message, we welcome you to give it a try. Click the button below to add Maslow to your Slack Workspace.

Add to Slack

Coming soon:

  • Making Maslow available via Facebook Messenger to make it easier for non-US members to engage

We are constantly improving the experience for people using Maslow. If you have any feedback or suggestions please email with any suggestions!

Anything else you want to see added to this list? Just let us know!

Try Maslow

Maslow is free for Holstee Members! Try it today!

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