More often than not, ideas we have been chasing or debating can reveal themselves in a different light as time passes. With age, we develop wisdom and new ways to approach our circumstances. We embrace our experience as a teaching tool to help improve the way we interact with each other and our world.

Sean McCabe, whose passion for hand-lettering fuels his one-man brand seanwes, was one of the first designers with which Holstee collaborated. His unique style and spot-on skills set him apart as both a designer and hand-letterer. However, we find ourselves equally inspired by his podcasts and blog, including this post where he outlines 25 life lessons learned by his 25th birthday. Such lessons include the freedom of saying no, the power of pushing through opposition and being in a constant state of learning, among others. Twenty-two others, to be exact.

As our sense of clarity grows with each year, we learn more about ourselves, our passions and our place. We observe from where we’ve grown and apply such insights to the road ahead.

What has the past year taught you that has brought clarity to how you will navigate 2014? Join the conversation.


Helen Williams is the Community Love Director at Holstee. She is passionate about cooking and writing which pair well together on her vegetarian food blog, green girl eats. She's strives, every day, to be less sorry

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