For better or worse, I have always been a very independent person.

In fact, it’s often my default mindset.

Doing something alone can be faster. It’s usually less complicated, and it allows you full control.

Mike is often the one to remind me of the importance of togetherness, of collaboration, even of friendship.

And he is right. Something special happens when you share an experience.

Everyday events can become adventures.

But friendships take time to build and energy to maintain.

They require an unconditional and selfless effort — but we invest ourselves into them because more often than not, some things are simply better when we do them together.

Thinking back on some of my fondest memories and looking ahead to what excites me most about the future, there is a common thread — both revolve around experiences with friends, family and colleagues.

What makes our lives count is the people who surround us. We share stories, ideas, laughter and silence. We challenge and are challenged. We understand and are encouraged by one another.

What in your life is better when not done alone?

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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