When was the last time you felt morally compromised? What did you do?”

The other night, my wife Jess posed this question (from October’s Integrity Guide) to a group of friends we were hosting for dinner. One person brought up the recent Climate Strikes and how they had attended as a way of standing up for the values they believe in. The conversation twisted and turned around the issue of climate change, and we found ourselves discussing how teenage activist Greta Thunberg has become an international hero.

What is it about this 16-year-old that has inspired so many people to take to the streets? What is her super power?

It seems to be her unwavering ability to speak truth to power — her determination and seemingly fearless approach to standing up for what she believes in. And she doesn’t just speak her truth. She lives it.

Greta has become a symbol not only of the climate revolution, but also a powerful example of an individual speaking up and taking action on her values.

A few days before our dinner, I had the chance to attend a talk by Jed Emerson, one of the pioneers of impact investing. In it, he brought up the idea of “Greta moments” — the idea of speaking up or taking action when confronted with injustice, no matter how (seemingly) small the situation. It’s standing up for someone who’s being mistreated. Not shying away from difficult conversations about politics, equality and climate. Having the strength to stand firmly in your beliefs.

When was your last “Greta moment”? When have you stood up for your values and found the strength to speak truth to power?

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee 

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