Whew, this week has been intense.

I spent most of it pretty anxious. And every time I felt the unease of uncertainty bubble up, I found myself reaching for my phone.

Now, after a week of checking incessantly to see the latest headlines, vote tallies, reactions, messages, and memes, my body seems to have adapted to this addictive behavior.

For instance, this morning I picked up my phone to play some music but somehow found myself tapping open my news app. It took a minute or two of scrolling through the headlines before I remembered that I had initially picked up my phone for an entirely different reason.

After realizing this, it also became clear that I have been consuming more — in this case, news — in order to drown out my own thoughts and feelings.

So today I am taking some time to unplug from the news and reset my relationship with technology.

I am remembering to return to the present moment and making space for my emotions.

Every time I feel the urge or catch myself opening my phone’s news app, I will instead pop open my journal and answer a simple question: How are you feeling right now?

I am feeling a strong sense of relief right now, but I am also feeling so much more. There is a lot to unpack and process from the last week — and in many ways, from the last four years.

Join me and make time for your own thoughts and feelings today.

Wishing you many moments of reflection and calm,

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

P.S. If you don’t already have a reflection practice, I invite you to check out our private journaling platform Reflection.app →

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