Wellness as a construct? Too big. For a lot of us, that bite is just too big. When you are buried, tired and burnt, there is no starting point. Some days.

What if we spoke tenaciously about honoring the humble beginnings, however painful that reality may be?

What if we broke it down, literally, into the tiniest of sips? Sip some water. Self-care starts here.

What if we toppled the inverted pyramid imprinted on our yearning and rebuilt from a celebration of the everyday mundane? Are you willing to go back and really feel the sun, or the wind, touch your face every day?

Can we turn the smallest humble efforts into something brave? Starting small IS brave.

Can you imagine, and then lean, toward the singular actions that serve you uniquely and very best, without a second glance at what you've been sold?

Can you trust yourself more? That you will step into right action, on the very first day you are able to? That you can decisively move in the direction of your newfound clarity?

Can you step softly first, and then more decisively? This is not a sprint.

What feels good? What feels right? What does a plant need to thrive? Start there. You deserve at least that much.

Can we allow the ordinary, long ago left beneath the glitter, to re-become the sacred food for our one day victories?

A clean sink, surrounded by our messy piles, the dust and a few well-placed dead bugs. Moments of organization, moving toward clarity.

A comb through the hair, whereby the bristles against the scalp make us feel. One blissful moment.

Clean socks. Nutrients we crave. Ordinary necessities. Small comforts.

Cold water, with steady breaths, on a weary face. Then wash that face. Moisturizer? Maybe next week.

One smile. One pushup. Then let the body sink back into its wise self-protection. And next time try two.



Tanya Beard is her family's modern day sherpa in Redmond, Oregon. Her side gigs include work as an RN, writer, and yoga teacher. The Heart Opens is her blog, celebrating the nuance and universality of little human moments. Breathe Be Brave is the portal to her mindfulness service offerings.

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