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Bailey Sullivan is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.

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Holstee: Where is home for you?

Bailey: Brooklyn

H: What is your definition of a successful life?

B: One where I get to be my own boss, work with exciting and innovative clients, empower people through design and have a dog that lets me paint its nails.

H: Describe your perfect day.

B: A perfect day would be one where I get to illustrate fun things for fun people without worrying about answering emails or paperwork, get a pizza delivered, have some time off-screen to sketch some ideas out all while a Cameron Diaz movie plays in the background and it’s snowing.

H: How did you get into design?

B: I used to make awful shirt “designs” for my school groups in Microsoft Paint, so I always enjoyed creating but didn’t quite know how or that it was a viable career. Later I went to major in Advertising Art Direction, where I was told over and over that advertising is not about making things pretty and that I needed to worry less about design and more about concept. That was my personal nightmare so I stuck with the degree but kind of just started tailoring projects to forge my own path toward design. 

H: Where do you find inspiration?

B: Buildings, plants, textiles and specifically the Herb Lubalin archive at the Cooper Union- that place is an *amazing* resource for those passing through New York.

H: What's your dream design project?

B: I really want to create a massive illustration painted at the bottom of a swimming pool or skate bowl and see what kind of natural texture comes from people interacting with it

H: Which designers or thinkers influence/inspire you?

B: Ah, so many! I am always amazed by Eric Nyffeler, Lotta Nieminen, Owen Davey, Matt Carlson, Szende Brassai, Melissa Deckert, Jessie Bearden and Kaye Blegvad to name a few.

H: What was the inspiration behind this design?

B: I love that this issue is focusing on multiple types of wellness. I think the word wellness is tied so closely to physical health and nutrition but it’s so important to be aware of the wellness of our minds and environment and so on. I wanted to tie those different facets together in a jigsaw-ish way, because they really do all work in unison to help us be more solid people.

At the moment, what is your favorite …

Color? The exact shade of pink of Lady Gaga’s hat on the Joanne album cover
Food? Hot honey pizza from Paulie Gees!!!
Song? You’re the Best - Wet
Quote? "I’m not superstitious, but ... I’m a little stitious." - Michael Scott

Thanks, Bailey!

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