When it comes to taking care of our bodies, there’s no shortage of opinions on how we should be living. Recently, I realized that I’ve been part of that noise.

You see, I love sharing things that bring me joy — especially when it comes to health and wellness. One example is with yogurt. For many years, I’ve loved starting my day with a dose of really thick yogurt. If at any point in the day I don’t feel great, I turn to yogurt. It gives me energy and makes me feel fantastic.

So naturally, I started telling all my friends and family how great yogurt is and how everyone should be eating more yogurt.

It wasn’t long before I started getting pushback from people telling me that yogurt made them feel the opposite. It made them ill, or gave them a stomachache.

Initially I would think, “Oh well, maybe they aren’t having the right yogurt.”

But then I thought back to the source — what was it that made me so convinced that yogurt is that great? It was my body — the way yogurt made me feel.

But everybody — and every body — is different.

So even if something makes me feel my best, that doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same reaction.

This was an “aha moment” for me about the importance of being in touch with and listening to our own bodies.

Our bodies communicate with us in a variety of ways. Some are visible, like a rash or a stuffy nose. But others are more subtle, like a slight tummy ache, or having a cloudy-headed feeling.

In recent years, I have come to appreciate that a powerful way to improve our personal wellbeing is to fine-tune our ability to listen to our bodies. The more we practice this skill, the more easily we realize when our bodies are trying to tell us something.

Being mindful of the small ways my body communicates helps me understand and prioritize my health in a holistic sense.

This month's Wellness Guide provides a framework to reflect on how you feel in different areas of your life to help you connect with your current state of wellbeing.

To your health,

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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