This month’s art is by Kelowna, BC based illustrator, Catie St. Jacques. Catie describes herself as "a mellow person with a reverence for life."

About this month's theme, she says, "Gratitude changes everything. Feeling and expressing gratitude expands my awareness and shifts my perspective. I imagine it radiating from my heart, guiding me through life and making its way into everything that I come in contact with."

For a little more about Catie, here's a short Q&A.

Where is home for you?

Kelowna, BC, Canada.

What is your definition of a successful life?

To wake up everyday enjoying what I do, with a healthy body and mind, spending time with the people I love. 



Describe your perfect day.

Exploring the great outdoors, feeling the sunshine and a cool breeze, moving my body, eating nutritious and delicious food, having a laugh, experiencing a peaceful mind. Feeling the rapture of being alive.

How did you get into design?

It was through a marketing job I had at an art centre. My boss wanted to create a magazine for the centre, but we didn’t have anyone to create it (and no budget), I’d always been a creative person, but wasn’t too familiar with the design programs. My partner Dustin is a graphic designer and taught me what I needed to know to get the job done, and I realized I liked it way more than marketing, so I continued learning and exploring. I quit my job in 2020 to pursue freelance graphic design.


Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is all around. I believe there is a creative force within all things; it’s all art. Spending time in nature usually allows me to tune into my creativity, and listening to music really opens me up.

What's your dream design project?

So far, it’s all been a dream. I just feel so grateful that I make a living this way. Honestly, it trips me out that this is my job.

Which designers or thinkers influence/inspire you?

My influences change regularly. I will randomly come across someone or a style of design. I get obsessed with it for a while and then I’m onto something different. I have a hard time choosing favourites. There’s way too much beauty out there to narrow it down. 

What was the inspiration behind this design?

In most of my designs, my intention is to share energy. The inspiration for most of my work comes from the spiritual realm. I was listening to a lot of Ram Dass when I made this one.

In what ways does the theme of Gratitude play out in your life?

Generally, I’m an anxious person prone to stress. Shifting my energy from a fearful state of mind to a loving one is very important for my mental health. One of the best ways to shift my energy is through gratitude. Whether it’s counting my blessings, going to the gym, hiking, paddle boarding, listening to music, having a deep and meaningful conversation, gratitude manages to make its way into my life in some way. I usually have to relax, find my centre and everything falls back into place. 


At the moment, what is your favorite…

Color: Peach

Food: Vegan Tacos

Song: Golden Clouds - The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry 

Quote: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell


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