If you haven’t already noticed, it seems that nearly everything we do at Holstee revolves around the word “reflection”. 

We have Reflection Cards, a Reflection Journal, and a recently launched Reflection.app. This month’s Holstee Membership theme is Reflection. This email is part of our Reflections series

Even the words of the Holstee Manifesto, the poster that started it all, began as a reflection on what success means to us.

We can’t escape it — reflection is baked into the bones of Holstee. 

Since the foundation of Holstee took shape through some deep personal reflections, on what we wanted from life and our budding company, I believe our work will always be rooted in it.

We have experienced first-hand that when we take time to look back on and process our past, we open ourselves up to a more informed and intentional future. We are able to learn from what worked, what didn't, and what was missing all together.

Life moves incredibly fast, and each year seems to move faster than the one before. 

Reflection gives us a moment to check back on the map of where we have been and reorient our compass to where we want to go. 

The perspective and clarity that comes with reflection has the power to change lives; it certainly changed ours.

If Holstee leaves one imprint on the world, I hope that it is the reminder that we each have some control over our destiny — and that through reflection, and the learnings we glean from it, we are able to better guide the trajectory of our lives.

Remember, this is your life.

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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This article is part of our series on the theme of Reflection.

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