Caring for ourselves, each other, and the planet have been priorities for us at Holstee since the beginning, and have informed the way we created this community and all of our products.

While personal responsibility (like recycling, minimizing waste, reducing carbon footprint) is extremely important, it’s time to get serious about enacting policy change to support larger-scale progress in the U.S. and around the world. So we are beyond excited to partner with Third Eye Blind (yes, that Third Eye Blind!) on a collaborative campaign to hold our representatives accountable for taking real steps towards protecting the planet and prioritizing climate solutions.

And the time is NOW! One of the most effective actions you can take is to write a personal letter to your Senator, Member of Congress, Governor, or the Trump Administration demanding they prioritize the health of the planet in all policy decisions.❤️🌎

We created this handy mailer for you to print and send off to your representatives to let them know that this is an issue you care deeply about and that the time is now to take action on climate change!


Step one: Download and print The Time is Now Mailer

Step two: find the name and mailing address of your representative, senator, governor.

Step three: Write your letter! There are many things you can speak to in your letter, but we encourage you to make it personal, powerful, and direct. More tips on things to include in your letter below!

Step four: Address and mail your letter! Fold your letter along the dotted line and place a couple of pieces of tape to secure it. Don’t forget to include a return address so that your senator, governor, or member of congress knows you’re one of their constituents!

Step five: Stay informed, have tough conversations with your friends and family, make calls whenever you can, and keep moving forward. Don’t forget: The time is now!

Tips for writing your letter.

Think about why protecting our planet matters to you personally, why you think it’s not just a worthy cause but a vital one. Urge them to protect and defend the EPA and America's core environmental protections. And remind them that they have a choice to be on the right side of history and enact policy change to protect our planet for all future generations. 👊💥

There are a number of incredible organizations that can provide you with specific information and letter scripts to speak to the issues that matter most to you, like: reversing the decision to opt out of the Paris Climate Accord, protecting funding for the EPA, preserving public lands, not reversing the Clean Air Act, demanding access to clean drinking water, and investing in Clean Energy Infrastructure. Or send a letter directly to the Trump administration voicing your opposition to their undeniable assault on the environment. 

If you want more information on up-to-date facts, data, and news on what bills or actions are currently being voted on, we recommend checking out The National Resources Defense Council, The Environmental Defense Fund, and NASA: Global Climate Change.

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