It seems like every day, I encounter someone who is in transition.

A friend looking for a new job, a co-worker moving into her own apartment, a cousin starting at a new school, a family member preparing for a mid-life career change and another preparing for retirement — all of these pivotal and magical moments setting the stage for an exciting if unknown future.

Fabian, our best friend and third Holstee co-founder, embarked on his own journey of transition a few years ago, when he took a step back from his work at Holstee to reflect on what he wanted to do next. He did an incredible service in documenting his process, then building a framework for transition that can be used by anyone.

For those in a transition or about to embark on one, we highly recommend checking out Fabian’s notes on transition, especially his Transition Framework.

It requires a good bit of effort but is an incredible tool for navigating the in-between phases of our lives.

Cheers to what lies ahead,

Mike and Dave Radparvar
Co-Founders, Holstee

P.S. In our experience, taking time to reflect is the best way to open ourselves up to the inevitable moments of transition we’ll encounter in our lives. Our monthly guides can be a helpful framework for making reflection a constant practice!

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