Join our growing family

We believe that the time we spend at work should be enjoyed. Meaningful work, inspiring individuals, and our unique perks all equally contribute to a fulfilling work-life balance.

During the coldest weeks of the winter and the sweatiest days of summer, we escape New York for milder climates, beaches and a taste of nature. Our bi-annual seasonal retreat bring us to new environments for a few weeks giving us a chance to regroup as a team and gain fresh perspective on current projects and plan ahead for the comings months.
Food is what keeps us going, energized and together. We stock our studio with fresh produce from our local co-op, enough Swiss chocolate to cover small mountain, and few of our favorite local Brooklyn brews. Though we share meals throughout the week, every Thursday a different team member prepares food for everyone else. Guests are encouraged!
We offer an annual $150 bicycle (or other human powered transport) credit to every one on our team. A bicycle is a liberating way to experience the city as well as being great for your health. Whether for your first bike or annual maintenance, we want to make sure you are rolling smooth and safe. Ride on!
Here at Holstee, we believe in the power of powering off. We encourage all employees to take their birthday day off every month to enjoy some time unplugged and away from the office. Whether using that time to tend to your garden, check out a museum exhibit, take an extended weekend, or lay in bed with a good book we have always found that even just a single extra day off at a hectic time can be remarkably rewarding and energizing.
A change of scenery can be positive, uplifting and enlightening. While we make time to travel together, there is something to be said for the new perspective brought by traveling (and working) solo. One week every quarter we work from home, with family, or wherever we find ourselves happiest and most productive.