I have been traveling a lot the last few weeks…for work, for pleasure, for family. While meaningful and enjoyable, it has also been intense.

After arriving home this morning off a DC-Amsterdam red eye flight, I felt exhausted and out of sorts. My body had arrived but my mind and soul were still catching up, slowly making their way across the Atlantic like a piece of delayed luggage.

I’ll be honest — the idea of writing this morning's email on the theme of Adventure was the last thing I wanted to do. Wouldn’t life be easier if I had just stayed home, kept my routines, and gotten a good night’s rest?

Feeling tired and grumbly, I stared at my blank screen and wondered — what’s so important about adventure anyway?

Soon enough, an image popped in my head of some graffiti I once saw tagged on the side of a building:

“Adventure may hurt, but monotony will kill.”

I remembered how much I’ve learned, grown, experienced, and changed through the travels and adventures I have been so fortunate to enjoy.

It was a reminder, once again, that a good life isn’t always an easy life.

The goal isn’t ease, it’s meaning.

And meaning comes from challenges, from relationships, from taking chances, and from experiences that stretch you beyond your comfort zone — even if it’s just to a new restaurant, an unexplored area of town, or a different kind of meditation practice.

Wishing you a meaningful journey, wherever your summer adventures take you,

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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