I remember it perfectly.

It was November 9, 2016. It was overcast in New York City and the people around me looked dazed, like a dear family member had passed. The mood was oddly somber, especially in contrast to the daily buzz of the city.

It was the day after Trump was elected.

I was too distraught and cloudy-headed to be productive, so I took to a cafe to sit and reflect with my journal.

I was looking for an answer, some wisdom on how to move forward. While looking out the window, I saw a homeless man approach a younger woman about to enter the cafe.

I'm embarrassed to say that my biases and city cynicism got the best of me, and I sympathized with the young woman rather than the homeless man. “So unfortunate,” I thought, “getting harassed by this man just as she is starting her day.”

After a brief interaction with the man, she came into the cafe and ordered some coffee and baked goods to-go.

Outside, she stopped and gave the man a fresh coffee and a bag of croissants.

Then it hit me.

That in dark times, when you don’t know where to start, start with love.

Love as a path to generosity.

Love as a path to peace.

Boundless, limitless, unexpected, and unconditional love for this planet and the beings on it.

It's a moment that I frequently come back to.

So often, it’s natural to resort to anger, judgement, and fear when faced with a difficult situation.

But sometimes, as difficult as it may feel, the only way out is through love.

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