I am a dreamer. I am also hyperactive. My life alternates between extremes; from contemplating the ethical impairment our society faces in light of global supply chain issues to mindlessly dancing for nights on end. I have no traditional roots. My cultural background is an assemblage of German, US, and Dutch upbringing, combining Catholic family values, a Protestant work ethic, and a hint of cosmopolitanism. My most influential peer groups during my final years at high school, university, and after were quite distinct. Through breakdancing I had social circles that were alien to the environment cultivated by higher education and its promise. The ordinary never stimulated me. Navigating this myriad of influences, I had ample opportunity to challenge cultural norms. I also had the benefit of carrying out a profound internal identity struggle at a relatively young age. Although this is largely preferable to finding out your life was not fulfilling at the age of 85, like Herold and/or Borges did, my mother’s untimely death and subsequent absence of family life set me adrift. It is peculiar. In the coming years I lived together with a woman I loved, won many competitions, and made good money – even so, I did not manage to fully appreciate the adventure that my life was. A fellow dancer from one of Paris’ banlieues answered the question I had not yet posed. “You are all those things.” All influences shape and affect you; you are all that you have experienced. The identity question is never static. We continuously and dynamically evolve into something new, while the first pieces of the mosaic of our lives are set early on. Finding my way has been a challenge because I quickly lose interest in things that are, well, boring. My life, in order for it to be a happy one, strikes a fine balance between consistency and flexibility. One of my three biggest passions is exuberant dancing. The Holstee Manifesto was an important catalyst for me to pick up breaking and hip-hop again after three years of absence due to injury. My second passion is writing. Last year, I started my own company and am earning more and more money with creative work. Life truly is short, and not doing something I am passionate about is not an option for me. My third passion, rather cliché, is family and friends. Love is the essential connection. We are modern social animals, living in a society where traditional family life is on the decline. Time to revisit that cliché. Family ties are conceptualized as holistic, largely non-instrumental relationships. Creating bonds with people that are characterized by love is a choice. And it is up to you who you invite into your life. A good friend of mine shared the Holstee Manifesto with me in April 2011. Ever since, all my friendships have become more and more meaningful. I have more direct family now than ever before. The Manifesto came to me at a time when I was undergoing important changes in the way I see life. I have internalized the lessons and try to put them into practice every day, even if routine does still seep in from time to time. The Manifesto so beautifully sums up the essentials of life that I have shared it with more people than I can remember. It has also helped me to short circuit mundane small talk, jumping right into exhilarating conversation. What is important is to connect the world, celebrate life, and share happiness. I believe the Holstee Manifesto in the form of music would do this perfectly, and I wholeheartedly volunteer to help make this wish come true.  

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