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October 09, 2017

What questions are you answering?

One of the greatest (and unexpected) benefits of starting Mindfully Mailed is the wonderful connections I have made with many of our daily readers.

Ruth in the UK recently responded to our “Ask Us Anything” email with the question: “I am interested in what are our questions? Is our life a way of answering the questions we perhaps arrive with?"

I didn’t know what Ruth meant at first. So I replied, “When you say ‘what are our questions’ — I am curious and I want to better understand. What makes you think we have any questions that need answering?

Ruth responded:

“What I meant is that I feel that many of us arrive at the work we do in our lives ultimately through an (articulated or unarticulated and sometimes unconscious) question. I use the word question quite loosely as I mean more a feeling or query or discomfort with a given.

I don't think this is just about the work we do - it’s often the live we life. Perhaps our early life brings us something that leaves us questioning - for me my early experiences were very violent and left me with a question about connection and disconnection - how do we become re-connected with life, with humanity and with ourselves after a severe disconnection?

My life, as I reflect, has been a journey to answer this question - finally leading me to my work with violent offenders. This question of finding connection after disconnection, although I believe has always been there for me as a pressing way of understanding my life, has not been conscious - more an unconscious driver to make sense out of something that did not make sense. Until of course it become conscious and I went ahhhhhhh! Of course!

I suppose my thinking was in reading your emails and sensing that others read them and say, ‘ahh, yes, this is what I have been looking for’ - often without realising they were looking at all.”

Ruth’s thoughtful answer really got me thinking!

I now know exactly what she meant. We might be drawn to experiences or make decisions that lead us to find or experience an answer — and in that way, we are living based on deep “questions” inside of us, even if we’re not quite aware of it.

That is a powerful concept I had never considered before.

What are your questions?

I want to leave you with this idea, along with a beautiful line that Ruth recently used to sign-off an email to me:

“I hope your questions continue to bubble up like springs to meet you and your life as you sit and reflect.”

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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October 17, 2017


These days, I am finding myself wrapped up in the news — devastating tragedies, one after another.

My mind is filled with questions. Why would someone do this? How could it be possible? Why does it keep happening? What can be done now? The questions don’t seem to end.

I recently reached a point at which I was



October 03, 2017

Sandwich of the future.

I love sandwiches — both making and eating them. So when I heard that there was a famous man in Syracuse, Sicily, who makes just a few dozen sandwiches a day and has a constant line out the door, my interest peaked.

Turns out he doesn’t just make sandwiches but he



September 28, 2017

Wait till you see the flowers by the pool.

September 2015 was a big month for us.

I was about to get married, Dave was turning 30, and our third co-founder, Fabian, was about to start a new project after eight years of working with us on Holstee.

So at the very last minute, we decided to go on a combo bachelor-birthday-send-off weekend trip. We booked the only place we could find that was near nature and had availability that night. We borrowed a car and made our way north up Route 28 out of New York City.

When we arrived at the bungalow we’d booked, we looked around. Without saying anything, we knew exactly what one another was thinking



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