Your path to becoming the world’s best gift-giver.

Your gift recipient will join a community of curious minds and kindred spirits exploring what it means to live a meaningful life.

"The Holstee message is one that can appeal to everyone. There is something in it for everyone. No matter how much, or how little you want to integrate it into your life, you can find an area that can benefit from Holstee. Holstee takes their philosophy and makes it accessible."Alta in Ontario, Canada

Alta Ontario

A look inside the Holstee

Monthly Journeys
Self-guided experiences woven together by a selection of practices designed to help you better understand yourself and the world around you.
Member Gatherings
Intimate member gatherings with guided meditation and discussions designed to enable you to grow alongside members and share wisdom.
Full Community Access
Access to member only events, discussion spaces, and the ability to co-create the future of the community.
Speaker Series
Hands-on access to speakers and the custom guides they create exclusively for our members on topics like gratefulness, compassion, and resilience.
Member Discount
20% off all shop purchases made at Holstee — a perk that is particularly handy around birthdays and holidays! Premium
Premium access to — a journaling tool to help guide your personal growth and reflection each month.

"Holstee doesn’t tell people what to believe or do, but awakens them to their own genius by inviting them to think about things in a new way that inspires them to create their own reality."Pamela in Michigan, United States

Jeffrey Farr

A gift that always arrives on time.

When you purchase a gift membership, you can write a personalized message and choose the exact date you want your electronic gift card delivered.

"I love Holstee and the new points-of-view one gets with the membership. Okay I don't “love" Holstee, I love my wife ;-) But the work from Holstee is highly impressive and helps me to self-reflect each month."Tobias in Vienna, Austria

Tobias Vienna

A gift option for every budget.

Choose to gift a Digital Membership for 3, 6, or 12 months. With multiple options, you can find the perfect gift for your budget — starting at $36!

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These people in your life would love it…

friendYour friend who is always up for an adventure.
smiling-face-with-heart-shaped-eyes The love of your life who is always on the hunt for meaningful experiences.
graduation-cap Your neighbor’s child who is graduating from university this year.
books Your cousin who loves philosophy and learning new things.
girl_emoji-modifier Your aunt who is looking to bring more creativity into her life.
man-in-lotus-position Your nephew who is stuck in a corporate cubicle but looking to make a move towards something more fulfilling.
flexed-biceps Your co-worker who is into wellness of mind, body, and spirit.
briefcase Your old classmate who is preparing to go through a big career change.
woman-running-type Your sister who recently became an empty nester and finally has some time to reflect on what’s next.
face-with-cowboy-hat Your neighbor who is going through a big life transition and could use some grounding and inspiration.
heart-with-ribbon Your favorite couple who are getting married next month.