Dave Radparvar

What I do at Holstee: From product to web I spit design from my head. (also in house lyricist)

Favorite quote: "Hier scheiden sich nun die Wege der Menschen; willst Du Seelenruhe und Glück erstreben, nun so glaube, willst Du ein Jünger der Wahrheit sein, so forsche." - Nietzsche 

Recommended Books: 
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M. Pirsig
Half the Sky - Nicholas D. Kristof

Favorite Holstee Design: The New Holstee Tee (coming soon ;-)

Culinary Specialty: I specialize in taking all the fruits, vegetables, and leftovers from the fridge and making a surprisingly tasty flavor explosion. 

Find me on: www.dave.radparvar.com

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