According to the The National Wellness Institute, “Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”  

I love how this definition acknowledges both the awareness and the proactive effort required.

Our holistic health is important, but often we don’t prioritize it until we notice something is seriously wrong.

This month’s Digital Wellness Guide includes a self-check across six dimensions:

  • Mind: I am aware of my emotions. I engage in creative and stimulating activities.
  • Body: I am physically active, eat mostly whole foods, and prioritize my sleep.
  • Soul: I feel both a sense of awe and connection to the world around me.
  • Work: I gain personal satisfaction and fulfillment from my responsibilities.
  • Play: I make time for activities that spark joy in me.
  • Love: I nourish and am nourished by the people in my life.

Here is peek at how this self-check looks in this month’s Digital Wellness Guide:

Digital Wellness Guide Thumbnail

These wellness dimensions are not something we do or don’t have — they always exist on an ever-changing continuum.

By bringing self-awareness to each dimension, you can get closer to feeling whole. We share this practice annually, and encourage you to revisit it as often as you feel called to do so — wellness is not a goal, it's a practice.

Wishing you wellness by every measure,

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee &

P.S. Thanks to Holstee’s talented designers, Nicole and Carrie, you can have these six dimensions, as well as many other concepts, in beautiful, bitesize infographics

P.P.S. We believe that this wellness practice is so important that we’ve made it a cornerstone of our Every month, in your Monthly Review, you are prompted to reflect on each dimension — with the app automatically surfacing your journal entries tagged by dimension. and these built-in Monthly Reviews are free, and you can access the app on web, iOS and Android.

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