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In the emails, we share our favorite nuggets of wisdom from philosophy, positive psychology, and the science of mindfulness, as well as reflections on what it means to live fully in 2017.

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“I’m in the midst of big life transitions at the moment, chasing book deals, relocating, taking risks, carving out a life that feels honest, so your emails have been a perfectly timed source of inspiration and reassurance.” Jo in London, Great Britain

"Love the emails! They are a great reset or what I would call mindful chiropractic adjustment to approaching the day. Thank you!" Laurie in Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I love the emails. They give me a new perspective and things to think about and apply in my life." Monica in Johannesburg, South Africa

"It's food for the soul and sets my spiritual compass in the right direction." Farahdiva Samsul in Assam, India

"Absolutely LOVE the daily emails. One of the only email subscriptions I read daily. Keep them coming!!" Adriana in New York, New York

"The emails are thought-provoking and uplifting. A little pause from the crazy happenings of modern life. A quick chance to reflect, smile, and think about a life lived mindfully." Pharan in Queensland, Australia

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mindfully Mailed series. Daily I await this little nugget of goodness to hit my inbox each day." Tambria in Shreveport, Louisiana

We’re on this journey together.

Eight years ago, we wrote The Holstee Manifesto — our own definition of success. But in trying to live these values, we struggled, finding ourselves distracted by the urgency of our notification-driven culture and trapped by the idea of living up to someone else's definition of success.

Over the years, it became clear to us that living with intention and reflection is an ongoing practice, not a destination. This was the seed that started the Holstee Membership.

Each month, together with our community, we explore one mindful theme that's core to living a more meaningful life.

To curate the wisdom for the Holstee Membership we have jumped headfirst into the literature of a life well lived, from classic philosophers like Aristotle, Seneca and Nietzsche to modern thinkers like Martin Seligman, Carol Dweck, Tal Ben-Shahar, and Brené Brown (just to name a few!).

In Mindfully Mailed, we share bite-sized learnings that have added a greater sense of meaning and perspective to our lives. We hope they offer the same to you.

Here’s to enjoying the ride,

Mike and Dave Radparvar
Co-Founders, Holstee